[FNZ] Role Madness Round 07: Attack On Titan

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once I flip at least towns get an idea of who to start chopping cause it sure as hell will rip the rest of your game. would yall rather not lynch anyone for the first vote?
I have a certain role
thats how I know. lol
tac pushing so hard against me for ha001 is sus as hell too.
If you're lynching him because he's town Killing. You're dumb as shit. We can have multiple. That's your ONLY reason to be going after him.

But, your other responses makes you seem scummy as shit.
my suspicion would be ill advised cause I dont think they will assign a new player that role. However since its done by rng , its totally random.
ha001 could be scum.
I have 100% reason to
I doubt he has the killing role of townies
and no townie should be out to kill anything in the game without that role. he had not much idea of the game but already had intention of killing fellow players. trolling or not
its a scum giveaway.
So RNG can make him scum but not a second town killing...?

Why? Why is he more likely to be 1 than the other? Why do we assume he's even got a killing role? This is early game banter by someone who doesn't know the rules or has experience playing. He only knows we kill Mafia/Scum. Do you see why your lynch is suspicious?
Lanji. I am willing to believe you're town killing. I'd also ask any town protection to be on you due to the usefulness of your role.

But for the love of God. Grow a brain and don't vote Ha0 off a fucking joke. It's maybe one of the dumbest moves. We have nothing to go on him by.


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@TheAncientCenturion Reborn seems to be targeting you based on the protection thing...what prompted you to ask that? It did kinda come out of nowhere even if it was for a good reason.
Why you so eager to defend tac?

Here is the reason why asking for town protect in no claim set up isn't good
Asking for a protection this early is a bit sus imo. If you're a town power role it's best not to draw attention to yourself like that. If you're scum then it makes you look vulnerable to townies and potentially make them think you're town. Not a good look.
Tf is this Jew defending TaC and TAC defending Ha001?:choppawhat:
I am defending Ha0 because the lynch against him doesn't make sense.

Jew is inquiring into Reborn's aggressive stance on me because he finds it suspicious. Jew isn't clearing my name but doing research and asking questions.
Lol tac youre like my spirit animal right now.
Tac is 1000000000 percent got the situation right.
As for what my role is very important and if shit goes really wrong then even more so. If you lynch me youre fucked.
We can't say anything about that stuff. Keep it under wraps please. And yeah, my first game I did the same kind of stuff and got labeled as scum by Bogard. So I get ya.
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