[FNZ] Role Madness Round 08: Tokyo Ghoul

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you are desperate now
you don't need to quote shit
as I already said, I had my reasons
but it's interesting now you pointing fingers at kiwi so nobody will suspect her after you flip guilty, but don't worry, we lynching her tomorrow
today you die
:cheers: Yeah I'm desperate lmao

After the egg on your face with Don you would think you would learn some humility. Give me a 'vote Sera' in caps please. for extra measure:choppawhat:


Vote Count


Cinera > Kiwipom
Queen > Kiwipom > Seraphoenix
Kiwipom > Seraphoenix
NeutralWatcher > Seraphoenix

Seraphoenix > NeutralWatcher


Kiwipom - 1
NeutralWatcher -1
Seraphoenix - 3

Non Voters

Jew D. Boy
Yo Tan Wa

Vote Lynch @Kiwipom.
Vote Lynch @Kiwipom
Vote Lynch Seraphoenix
Vote Lynch Seraphoenix
Vote Lynch NeutralWatcher
vote @Seraphoenix


Zoro Worshipper
Reborn clearly picked Kiwipom of all players as the major sus:

First lesson - whenever a townie dies look at his last day posts carefully. The same holds true for when scum dies (tac - Lanji). Now look at Bogard last day posts......

He is clearly pointing on Bogard sus'ing Kiwi.

I'm inclined to believe he wouldn't behave the way he is doing had he not gathered info on night phase. He knows Kiwipom flipping town would have him in a circle of hell as I stated some hours ago.

I would trust him on this, because a Mafia wouldn't do a move like this one.

Her lynch will also provide us info on the current voters, because albeit I find Seraphoenix's behaviour weird to focus on Neutral so much as a rather newbie player he is, he is technically right about the notion that he simply asked if Neutral had sus'ed Bogard, which doesn't imply he immediately thought he did.

Vote Lynch Kiwipom
a independent killer having bulletproof vest in a game setup like this is obvious
The question is whether it's a superbulletproof. Which is why I think you posited the idea that the SK needs to be lynched. Because you and your scummates couldn't get a kill on the person you think is SK.
Well, I vote Kiwipom

As Finalbeta pointed out, Reborn gave us signs to look carefully at the last voting and on this case, Bogard sus'ing Kiwipom clearly has a meaning since Bogard would not behave himself that suspicious if he did not know something at least.
You haven't answered my question about why you immediately went to thinking that I was talking about N1? Scum slip???? :kizabat:
i didn't read the post you quoted so I thought you were talking about my vote against don :namiriously:
does a townie need a good reason to want to get the serial killer lynched?
this is my key concern, Don didn't look like he was trying to help. Here are some of his first posts in the game, and even with everything going on, he felt more like an audience making commentary then trying to engage in the convo.
Bt that's precisely why i am asking you, it's his usual play style.
And again, we can't brush off people acting suspicious with "this is his meta, he played like that before!". I have never seen Don's mafia meta. If he is already acting suspicious as a townie, then how do you think he will act as a mafia? Suddenly become super townie? Become even more suspicious? Stay the same? We don't know.
Yes he could be still scum bt i am meaning to confirm if something unusual hit you off to make him sus more, and so far nothing(?) .
And me targetting him doesn't mean I am defending the inactive ones, I am pointing out that his logic is flawed. There are loud mafias as seen later by TAC's flip
Yes not necessarily. Bt It's solid possibility like Don case of redirecting was.
I could defend myself when posts are analysising my playstyle or even Reborn's saying that my townie meta came back after he quoted me. I can explain or understand the logic behind those accusations, but when it is just a side comment about "Kiwi's meta is off", the only thing I can do is ask, where do you feel that my meta is off?
The only people who did were Drago and Reborn, yet everyone else who made the same accusations didn't point out the 'inconsistency' they saw from my previous games. This is why I am inclined to believe that their accusations of me were just sheeping on Drago and Reborn.
This is fair i guess.

Bt how do you expect others to take it. If they hear your play style is off? Especially those who haven't played with you before??
I quoted you because your excuse for being suspicious of me as striked me as if you're saying "Reborn said so!"
As for Bogard, I saw it as an offhanded comment that doesn't say where he feels my meta is off, but just saying that my meta is off.
Bt you labelling as simply rephrasing other opinions came as bad to me, maybe it was your defense merchanism or probably redirecting focus to others(?).
It also became more sus for me, given that post was your reactn to 3 sus raised on you. And Bogard also wasn't rephrasing other options, he pushed the lynch on Tac which was original in itself.

And My post that you quoted, if you give a relook i was considering all users allignmnt, i tagged those who had not made any post, asked from opinion from some, and you as per Reborn read on you. Last time Reborn made similar remark on Queen and she was the SK, so i trust Reborn on readin meta.
And so if another such off style gameplay is mentioned, i am bound to consider you a possible sus and read into your posts. More so since it was D1 i had not much leads on players yet.

I can maybe pass this move from you as Self defense mechanism bt if Reborn heavy sus is indeed directed at you, my lynch would be you.
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