[FNZ] Role Madness Round 08: Tokyo Ghoul

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Cinera > Kiwipom
Queen > Kiwipom > Seraphoenix > Kiwipom > Seraphoenix > Kiwipom
Kiwipom > Seraphoenix
NeutralWatcher > Seraphoenix

Seraphoenix > NeutralWatcher > Kiwipom
Finalbeta > Kiwipom
Sentinel > Kiwipom


Kiwipom - 5
Seraphoenix - 2

Non Voters

Jew D. Boy
Yo Tan Wa

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Okay I skimmed through most of it as there was a lot of repetition.

So far I like what I saw from Queen and Celestia. Queen in particular for throwing cold water on the idea that the Bogard vs TAC interaction is automatically town vs town. If they are smart or experienced players they would know that a D1 fight like that is likely to be construed as town v town as most are doing here. It's risky sure, but impossible? no way.

Not really a fan of what I've seen from Dragomir. His tldr of when people bus in particular is off. Anything is possible in mafia and experienced players know the common strategies and how to subvert expectations. If you are thinking 'scum wouldn't do that' then you've identified a viable strategy for mafia to use. Also didn't like how Dragomir skirted around Celestia's response to him.

I think TAC is town. I sense the same indignation from the last game. Being upset is natural @Reborn if you are town and continually sussed on flimsy reasons.

I don't know what to think about Bogard. I want to think he is town but he took it a bit too far imo. D1 is always coinflippy and I don't see any real benefit for TAC to be lying about the length of the day phase? Like what benefit does scum get from that? Is it likely that he just didn't read the OP carefully? yes. Hell I personally skim read them most of the time.
Jew later read what I said and came to read it the way I intended. As for Reborn and Lanji if they still sus me after what Jew said and what Cinera posted then there is a problem. I was very very clear with what I was saying to you. FinalBeta even commented on how what I was saying wasn't complicated at all.

Look at your reaction though. You sus me for sussing you. Then your sus list comprises of people who didn't agree with you and found you sus. This is scummy behaviour.

You better look at bolded part. Seraphoenix call me scum for sus him back after he sus me yet he sus Queen, Cinera, Kiwipom who sus him. Also look who inconsistent he is defending TAC who is confirmed scum. Said Bogard pushed a bit too far on TAC yet did the same thing to me on D1.
You guys better look at bolded part and sus Seraphoenix. Look how inconsistent he is and dodging my questions. Active now after I sus and tagged you guys and inactive yesterday. Took a backseat and didn't vote Celestia and Lanji.

@Jew D. Boy
@Yo Tan Wa


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
The dilemma between two students can be resolved next day.

In such huge class, there can't be just one disciplinary monitor. There has to be another one. Let that monitor take look at one of them tonight.

And, even if there is no monitor, we can still take up the matter between two students next day.
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