[FNZ] Role Madness Round 08: Tokyo Ghoul

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@Seraphoenix [Shuu Tsukiyama] has died.
You're Shuu Tsukiyama

- [Active - Always there when needed] - Shuu always there to help his ghoul mates. Considering this, at any point in a cycle, he may attempt to stop all anti-town abilities for 1 phase including super kill. The price to pay will be his own life.

- [Active - Kagune shield] - Shield someone with your Kagune to protect them from 'all actions' excluding super kill. This includes investigative actions as well. You can cast this ability on yourself once.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
Wonder why he did this so soon, also his ability mentions that he can protect townies not that he can stop a lynch on someone else. So it strikes as an ability that has got more significance during the night in order to avoid 2 townies to be killed instead.


Vote Count


Cinera > Kiwipom
Queen > Kiwipom > Seraphoenix > Kiwipom > Seraphoenix > Kiwipom
Kiwipom > Seraphoenix > **
NeutralWatcher > Seraphoenix > **

Seraphoenix > NeutralWatcher > Kiwipom
Finalbeta > Kiwipom
Sentinel > Kiwipom > Seraphoenix > **
Playa4321 > Seraphoenix > **


Kiwipom - 4

Non Voters

Jew D. Boy
Yo Tan Wa

Vote Lynch @Kiwipom.
Vote Lynch @Kiwipom
Vote Lynch Seraphoenix
Vote Lynch Seraphoenix
Vote Lynch NeutralWatcher
vote @Seraphoenix
Vote Lynch Kiwipom
vote lynch kiwipom
vote seraphoenix
I vote Seraphoenix
Vote Lynch Seraphoenix.


Year of the black beard!
As for Rej, again an experienced player takin a back seat, clearing me as townie without any explanation felt like gaining my support, not actively helping, that is just asking me to give his posts a reread.
just ask me questions please, I am so swamped, its not like I can powergame here and what I said in my entrance was just an optimistic entrance post, I think I gave alot of posts that made me readable and I am always up for interaction

I just GTH read you, I didn't think much about it

I think Reborn didn't bus Lanji and this would make Reborn a solid townread, so I ask myself why @Yo Tan Wa just got a townlean on him, and what are his full townreads, with no leans?
Well, it's been more quiet now. Like I said, I will look through Cinera's posts as @Rej asked. I don't find him to be suspicious since his logic has been consistent the entire game. Very consistent.

Lynching for information, like here:

Then he made an analysis of it afterwards, and said that he regrets lynching Celestia over Don.

sifting through his posts, I don't see any inconsistence in his logic. Maybe my only criticism is he seems to go a bit too much with the flow. Like he said earlier he believes it's better to lynch Don but doesn't push for it. But it fits with his voting for information attitude.

Moving on, I also said last phase I want to look over Seraphoenix again.

Seraphoenix looks suspicious to me, first, using a one game meta to target NW, a novice player with something that seems nitpicky.

NW's response was quite defensive, but I think it's not abnormal for newer players to get defensive early on, like Jew D. Boy earlier today. It depends on the type of response, to me, Neutralwatcher's response seems genuine. He understood Seraphoenix's question as if Seraphoenix is implying that he suspected Bogard.

But following Seraphoenix's posts, I think he started nitpicking NW's responses and starting a "NW is a liar" type of push

And not recognizing that the question could be interpreted differently:

Well, with Reborn taking a backseat this phase, there isn't much driving the town forward. @Seraphoenix you said that you were going to give your reads, lemme hear them.

For now, I'm placing the vote in since I might go to sleep soon.
Vote Lynch Seraphoenix
A good vote, so Cinera is a townlean? I don't like the fact he put a vote on Don and then he became static. It's what scum does in that case, or he just didn't take care.
A townie places a vote, takes a stance and makes himself readable.

Still catching up I am on page 52


Year of the black beard!
Stop mentioning me as scummy if you aren't going to respond to my posts to you.
what posts? @Cinera

I feel like Neutrals OMGUS reaction to you could be...townish? Often it indicates a town who is overly defensive and offended.
Do you and @Seraphoenix have reads in common?
Also the "Don" was a dumb townie from Kwi, Cinera and Queen doesn't sit well with me. Queen in particular was super sure he was scum. Then gave a rather muted response when he came out town.

'dumb townie' is a red flag.
this makes Cinera sus and that is why I sus him and Kiwi still isn't the towniest towny, but she is less suspicious in my book. But her townlean on Cinera worries me.

I think Neutralwatcher vs Seraphoenix has a high chance to be town versus town


Year of the black beard!
Current scum leans:

Gonna have to take a look at Reborn and Kwi too. Especially the former given what Don said about him.
why Queen?
Why do you sus Seraphoenix ?

Maybe I all those pages I missed it but I don't remember your reasons (sorry if you already said it clearly)
your reads? did you catch up?
I will vote Kiwi or Cin, I just need to fully catch up

7 more pages phew
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