[FNZ] Role Madness Round 11: Covid - 19

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I started the game alone, starting of N3 Yo Tan Wa become the member of my team and end of Night 3 he was mod killed while starting of Day4 TAC becomes the second member of my team who was doctor all along
i don’t know what to think about this setup tbh. On the one hand it feels like a needle in a haystack as a townie. On the other hand if town gets lucky then you are screwed. Seems it only becomes balanced once you’ve converted a few.
You should have TAC win the game since the whole thing concerning his mod-kill and alignment switch had nothing to do with him.
I would probably say the same about Yo Tan Wa since he never really played as my teammate lol
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Lanji was right all along. If we believed Lanji the game would end D1.
Although Sanji reasoning wasn't since catching and trying to perceive tone is my style lol


noctis wouldn't have died in anyway unless someone was converted or there were 4 people were remaining

this was one of the hidden mechanics and there were others too
So even if we lynch Noctis or shoot Noctis he would still alive as long as someone hadn't converted?
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