[FNZ] Role Madness Round 11: Covid - 19

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Final Vote Count
Rej-> Noctis -> TAC-> Noctis-> Finalbeta-> Dragomir

Zoro-> Noctis -> Dragomir
Kiwi -> Rej ->**-> finalbeta
Fallen - > Final beta -> Gianfi
Final -> Rej
Jew -> Nat -> Rej
Nat-> Noctis
Drago-> rej
Neutral -> TAC-> Rej
Noctis - > don da-> rej
Yo tan wa -> Rayan -> rej
Rayan -> rej
TAC -> Rej
Queen-> rej
Gianfi -> rej

Beta - 1 vote
Noctis - 1 vote
Gianfi - 1 vote
Dragomir - 2 votes
Rej - 10 votes

Non voters

4 Don DaSlayer
7 Seraphoenix
14 Zoro D Goat
17 krogothwolf

As @Rej has plurality votes against him so he will be lynched.


Actually I think he went for the obvious reads, keeping it safe. He’s way smarter than that though.
I disagree. I think the more safe route would be to town read me. I remember in the Tokyo Ghoul game he put me in his town core. Now, I don't expect him to do the same right now but I do expect a town lean of sorts if he were mafia. So I think the scum lean is a good look for him. It follows through with the recent turbo games in which he was town and suspected me for the same reasons.


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Yeah I am again caught in a pathetic D1 with biased players that pushed me just for the sake of pushing me. So bad so bad. Enjoy the chaos D2. I am out.
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I had my fun earlier. Thanks for hosting @Reborn @AL sama and thanks for allowing me to play North Korea as Korea fan.
yeah, that was my thought as well if NK didn't flip mafia

countries like

Brazil etc
To be fair NK/China could still be scum.

North Korea’s policy of shooting anyone that’s sick isn’t ideal. The goal is to keep people alive after all lmao.

And China? I don’t wanna get political about it but I think they are also lacking (and liars).
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