[FNZ] Role Madness Round 11: Covid - 19

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I will never forgive Oda
That's the most credible thing ever said in mafia games history:gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
It’s a shame I’m a mod with nothing to lose.

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That sounds more like a cult thing though? Surely there will be mafia as well?
I don’t think we have cult considering currently. I’m dying of something that’s like a mafia poisoner.


Just a suggestion.

How about first claim is used for player who is infected at night phase.

Second claim is used for player who is infected after mafia event?

I think this is more effective.

AL sama

Red Haired
the more people try

the more they fail

panic chaos and despair lingers around with sharp fangs

@Finalbeta a member of town have been lynched

its Night 2 now you've 24 hours to send your action failing to do so will cause in replacement or mod kill
1 @TheAncientCenturion
3 @Fallen Prince
4 @Don DaSlayer
5 @Noctis
6 @Jew D. Boy
7 @Seraphoenix
8 @Finalbeta
9 @Natalija
10 @NeutralWatcher
11 @Kiwipom
12 @playa4321
14 @Zoro D Goat
15 @Queen
16 @Dragomir
17 @krogothwolf
18 @Gianfi
19 @Yo Tan Wa

AL sama

Red Haired


Another day with no kill so it's safe to assume the mafia might be arsonist or mafia poisoner.

Someone might be infected last night.

@TheAncientCenturion are you still infected? Who did you heal/visit last night?


Why was everyone voting on Fallen Prince? What’s the case on him.

My top suspect right now is Playa, the vote he casted yesterday felt unatural.
I think it's because Fallen Prince sus Jew D Boy and didn't reply back when Noctis and Jew D Boy asked him a question.

Why did you lynch a low hanging fruit .

Not looking good eh hermanos ?
@Fallen Prince explain how Rej was low hanging fruit? And if he was why did you do nothing to defend him?
Maybe there is a scum or two in there, but Final made a move (wasting the second claim on a very mild announcement) that most people didn’t care for. I don’t want another mislynch, but if this is a Rej redux, then townies gotta start playing smarter and not intentionally make themselves look scummy.

Why are you coming after me specifically? A dozen people voted for him, but you sus the one guy who admitted he was wrong? Find me a single other thing I said that would justify this position of yours.

@Fallen Prince You can also feel free to refer back to this, since I didn’t see an answer from you.

He also sus Finalbeta on D1 but didn't push the lynch.
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