[FNZ] Salem of Lies Round 5 : Town of Salem

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AL sama

Red Haired

Host : @AL sama
Theme : Town of Salem
Game Type : Role Madness

1 @Reborn
2 @Dark Admiral
3 @True God Moe replaced by @Finalbeta v2 Godfather killed N4
4 @Homelander Sheriff killed N3
5 @Celestia Witch lynched D2
6 @Poison Chan
7 @All_Red Janitor executed N3
8 @Finalbeta
Serial Killer lynched D1
9 @TheAncientCenturion Vigilante committed suicide N4
10 @NeutralWatcher cleaned N1
11 @Flower Godfather lynched D3
12 @Queen Doctor killed N3
13 @Relapse Consort killed N1
14 @Kiwipom
15 @Rej
16 @Dragomir

Write Ups
Night 1 Start
Night 1 End/Day 1 Start
Day 1 End/Night 2 Start
Night 2 End/Day 2 Start
Day 2 End/Night 3 Start
Night 3 End/Day 3 Start
Day 3 End/Night 4 Start
End Game Post


1.) This games is almost exactly like the BMG version of ToS.
2.) You are required to post at least 5 times in every Day Phase.
3.) You can leave a Death Note (meaning a last will)
4.) No talking about the game outside this game thread or you Role PM with me.
5.) Scum chats are allowed to talk during the night, they are not allowed to speak during the day.
6.) Dead are not allowed to post in the game thread.
7.) Whispers will be included in this game.
8.) To know more about Town of Salem check the link below.

its Evening phase now you can talk for a few hours till night falls
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To say Hi.

ToS is very mechanic based and less read based, so it starts with an NP in order for the players to use abilities and get info before the DP starts.
Town of Salem operates a little differently.
ToS starts with night not day phase and the evening phase is made for the roles that have day action submission
We get to know each other better. I guess.
Okay thanks for letting me know.
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