Future Events Sanji's power is in a supposed transformation, not in RS.

All of the vinsmoke's raid suit r customise to enhance their ability but sanji's raid suit isn't sanji van enhance his speed with the boosters and flotation device with his sky walk but his raid suit has a fire resistance feature that isn't to help his flame ability. Although it could foreshadow a hotter flame, but for not his raid suit isn't customise for has abilities.
He didn't used any fire leg attack, he defeated P1 in base, with just concasse...Oda really hyped moment when Sanji will use his abilities, something insane will happen....
Whenever he talks about turning into a devil it's always about nami. This make me think that when sanji is fighting king or queen they will hurt nami and that will trigger his transformation
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Thriller bark was 13 years ago
So, one piece started 23 years ago and Roger the King of the pirates died which foreshadows luffy's death at the end. Doesn't matter about it being in pre time skip it can still foreshadow future events.
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