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I never said this, wtf
YOU had to vote me because I have an active ability which allows me to visit people who voted me
Queen you very much implied you had to vote me because of your ability. Not that i had to vote you.
You unvoted me before i placed my vote on you.

No, I mean the reason I jumped on you, it is related to my abilities
You say your abilities, right. Why would town have a passive to vote another town?
I didn't participate, and the ability doesn't work the way you think it does
Again, if you are town you don't need to worry
Yeah you are right. You didn't say it was passive ability, bt you didn't deny it either.

Whole mix of you is scummy queen.
Flower is my main sus though
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Flower is my main sus though
what are your reasons for both reads.
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death note experiment is def another one to look out for
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did queen say immortal wish isnt hers ?

isnt that shenrons ability in dbz
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Very relaxed aren’t we Krogo?

Btw two people died of a heart attack. I highly doubt the death note can be used twice. It must be a double action or some sort of condition.

I would also look into God USopp’s reads. He was likely killed maybe cause he was onto scum, Zem too.
tac killed zem most likely
and got killed in return
only way I could see him dying with that passive he has .
"Any negative action taken against you is "absorbed" and negated."

and the person with the death note likely killed usopp and midnight. the thing is tho
anyone who visits midnight will be rolecrushed so it might possibly be some condition.

@Gambit get to this game when you can
will like to hear from you. this time tho it will be more positive. xoxo
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lol flowa so quick with it
you are dusted.
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yall see the name and get scared
its built like the mecenary in my neutral town game.
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