[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 1 - The Dancing Valentine

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@Midnight Delight [Orihara Izaya] has been lynched
You are Orihara Izaya!

“If you truly want to escape from everyday life, you've no other choice but to keep evolving.”​
[Passive - Information] - Izaya is a powerful and skilled underground information broker. As such each cycle he will learn the name of one of the characters that made it into the game, as well as he is immune to manipulative actions.

[Passive - Playing with knives] - If he performs the faction kill, he will upgrade it to a super-kill. He may not use any other abilities that same night. [1-shot]

[Passive - Conflicts] - Although Izaya enjoys conflict, often showing up wherever there is potential for one, he usually stays out of it, preferring to observe the fight instead of directly taking part in it. He may not support or take part in the argument of two people arguing in the thread.
--- [Reaps] - Whenever trouble arises, Izaya wafts in afterward and acts like he caused it all and then reaps the benefit after the fact. Even though he did nothing up to that point. As such if the town makes the right lynch he may brag about being the one to lead them. If someone quoted his post with a positive remark his vote will count as two that phase.

[Active - Target Of Elimination] - During the odd night he may select a player to give them a target if the player successfully lynches their target the next day, they will be reward with a random one-shot ability.

[Active - Manipulation] - Izaya is a master of mind games, easily making others do his bidding without letting them realize it. During the even night, you may target a player and learn an item hinting at their role. In addition to that if that player has visited one of your mafia team with a harmful action that same cycle, you will learn their full role.

[Active - Underground Connections] - Izaya has a lot of connections to the underground world, he may make them do a favor for him. Once during the game, he may activate this ability, the following day phase will only last 12 hours. [1-Shot]

Wincon - Eliminate All Threats to Mafia
Night 2 starts.
You have 24 hours to submit your actions.

@Midnight Delight will be getting lynched in the place of getting mod-killed as punishment due to claiming his role and host not having enough time. Also, My apologies to all players for the disruption caused in the game due to my absence. It is frustrating. it ruins the game for players.

Now making this post serve as a warning to everyone. You're not allowed to share any type of information in the game thread as such night results, flavor claim, role claim anything that falls under claiming. Needless to say, Invest type of roles cannot share their results in any manner if they did they will be mod killed. If I see anyone talk about their role whether it's fake or not they will be mod killed. Take this as your only warning. If I see someone suspecting someone while saying something along the lines "I have information on him but can't claim" Or use the role card as means to defend or suspect someone they will be mod killed.

That being said, I hope you guys do not break any more rules as you have seen the result and how it was frustrating. Good luck with the game!!

Any player who hinted at their role will be mod-blocked this night.
@Light D Lamperouge [Hori Kyouko] has been killed
You are Hori Kyouko!

“If you don't want to know someone, then you will never really know them.”​

[Passive - Social Butterfly] - Kyouko is normally a very energetic and popular person who always creates a happy atmosphere around herself. She must include a smiley face at least in her 5 posts a day. Each time this restriction is broken, an invisible mod vote will be placed on her throughout the next Day phase.

[Passive - Disagreement] - Hori refuses to listen to others when she makes up her mind. She's immune to role-blocks and redirections.

[Passive - Masochist] - Hori is somewhat of a masochist- however, this is only when it comes to Miyamura. Whenever she's targeted by him or pushed by him unknowingly in-game thread she will receive 2 voting power.

[Active - Ice Queen] - Her angry persona makes her feared by everyone. As such, each night, she may target a player. They'll be too scared from performing actions that phase (if any).

Wincon - Eliminate All Threats to Town
Day 3 starts.
You have 24 hours to decide on a lynch.


Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
@Finalbeta Yesterday, you were saying something about D1 non-voters possibly being scum; specifically, Ali, krogoth, and myself. From what I see, Ali has still been active and voted for Midnight, and I showed up too late to do the same but was sussing him earlier in the game...krogoth has barely been around (not damning by itself) and barely provided any reads before not voting once again, and at no point did he comment on Midnight’s allegiance. If you insist on scum being present between the three of us, I’d say we should start with him.
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