[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

  • A) Yes

    Votes: 22 66.7%
  • B) Option A

    Votes: 11 33.3%

  • Total voters
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Hmm that's no good...but it's still a bold claim for you to make as scum.

Though I'm feeling robbed with my role even more.
This is now twice you say that and i dont get it lol.

But i mean it doesnt serve me to just lie to you guys and for no one to be told they are jailed at night.
so the day so far is pretty much wasted on 3 townies if fuji is town as well

misty better be scum

one of rej/uwu has to be scum as well at this point

too many coasters this game for my liking
I think Tris/Light/Cal/UwU/Misty and even Nat are candidates that need to be looked at.

We wasted more than 24 hours on nothing.


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thing is ningguang DOES fit big time as a jailer so if this is a fake claim its a pretty thoughtful one and if fuji is mafia then good chance he has someone that knows the flavor with him

its too articulate and bold, given how scum fuji wud 9/10 times ask the host about how jailing work b4 fake claiming it, not after fake claiming it

so im inclined to believe it for now
This vote on Nat came out of nowhere since earlier you said you were leaning scum on Ekko and Fuji and you never mentioned Nat earlier when you said you agreed with the read on Nat. It looked like there was no progression.

Since you said here you followed the vote because if fit your read then why did you not mention Nat earlier on your read?

How am I repeating what Misty said when she was the one who looked like she was repeating on what I was saying. I believe I was the first person who was not convinced on Conq being scum based on what you said and then much later Misty says she is not scum reading Conq. The post you quoted of mine I'm not able to understand on what you are saying since I was questioning Misty on her reads on how it looked weird and saying why it looked weird.

Instead of being defeatist then why not fight? Earlier it looked like you couldn't keep your story straight which was what made me suspicious of you. You asking players to vote you is now reminding me of your scum play.
I want to have a look at this post where I talked about Misty since her play has been suspicious. Misty also said she has been busy and yet she has managed to make 87 posts. I have been busy and I can't even make 87 posts and how is Misty able to make 87 posts when she says she is busy?

I totally forgot about this game >_>

Who are we voting? Also someone give me a summary pls.
This is a lie. How could you forget about this game when we have been getting notifications. I have caught so many scum players who say this sentence.

I'm okay with a Misty, Wris, Rej, uwu, Tobi, Light lynch since I haven't been town reading these players.

Vote Lynch MistyCatGoddess
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