[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 13 - Harry Potter

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If someone actually believes I’m not Harry at this point that’s just well sad.

we know Severus is in this game (might have been dest) and that bellatrix is in this game.

so we have atleast 1 mafia left and the dementors
Dementors could be an ability from mafia tbh, to prevent us from claiming and stuff. It is more beneficial to them that no one can talk at all.

And i think there is 2 mafia left tbh.

Vote Lynch Ryu Kishi
@Dr_Professor83 We can trust Nick i think because Alibaba said this about Dest's Janitored body:

So Dest was not Haryy if we believe Alibaba, and if we believe him then Nick being Harry has stronger ground.

I think we should focus outside of Me,You,Nick and Ali, Xlaw too today.
I also believe Nick is probably good. Lying about Nick being Harry would be one of the most risky moves I’ve seen. Just don’t understand why they used the SK on Gambit instead. Not sure what they were worried about there.
The fact we still have an unaccounted for janitor on the loose does not make me want to pull away from Alibaba. Especially since the night Xlaw blocked him there was no janitor.
Xlaw claimed to have Rbed him Ln.
But he blocked him again he said before we were told to stop hinting and it happened
Pretty sure we can still action claim, just not hint at our roles.
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