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Like what's more.believable

I've manipulated na post restriction with two other people that I said were town since day one, they flip town, a vision cop guy waits literally till the last hour to be useful, and other things that don't make sense

Or the two mafia are fake claiming to get me lynched
How would I know, both of seemed town and since I subbed I can't verify your claim. If you can't post does that also mean you cannot vote? The votes arent tied anyway so Reborn will die. I just dont want nttn to do with yall killing the psychic


~ I Need A Vacation ~

@Lord Genome [Worker A] has been lynched.

You are the Three Workers

[Passive Ability - Always Together] -
They are always together. As such, the role is shared by three different players, working cyclincal. The first cycle, Worker A is active. Only he may post and vote in the thread and use his ability. The second cycle, worker B. The third cycle Worker C. After that, it starts again. This role will only be revealed once all workers are dead. If any of the workers get killed, their respective ability will be lost for the remainder of the game and the worker will be moved up in rotation.

[Active Ability - Worker A] - At night, role block a player

[Active Ability - Worker B] - At night, protect a player from a kill

[Active Ability - Worker C] - At night, kill a player

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town
Night 4 has begun.

Please send your actions early for an early Write Up.

@TheAncientCenturion @Robin @MangoSenpai @Udell @Random Asshole @Finalbeta @~UwU~ @Reborn
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