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@Flower there is vote count mistake. Lord genome has two votes

@Random Asshole @Udell @TheAncientCenturion @MangoSenpai @~UwU~

I am town

Vote Lynch

Lord genome is scum .

i get visions. I cant tell more than this because of claim restrictions but it's based on this I said this long before anyone started sussing fuji.

Fuji is scum.

Lock it

If wrong Lynch me

You people are making big mistake.

I thought I will share information yesterday but decided not to risk it because scum will learn my role but beta understood it totally differently as usual

I can't talk more because I have work to complete so decided on your own. This would be my last post so good bye.

Vote Lynch lord genome @Flower @Kvothe Kingkiller


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Yea but the fact that the one anti town role he called out allegedly wasn't even mafia and that role scans as town makes his claim even worse is my point

It's more likely he or someone else in his mafia tracked fuji and saw he did a kill or smth
W3ll Fj1 w4s k1ll3d 4t n1ght 4ft3r 4ll d0bt h3 w4s bsdr1v3n
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