[FNZ] Super Role Madness [Season 2] Round 5 - Joker Appears In Worstgen

??? activated Cart Titan

a cart is giving ride anyone who wants to join can quote this message.

??? activated Destroy Ability on ???

??? activated Joker Hammer on ???

??? activated ?? on ???

??? activated Rikudou Chibaku Tensei on ???

@Fujishiro has been removed from the game

??? activated Breath of Syndragossa on ???

??? activated Call of Syndragossa on ???

??? activated Frostmourne Hungers on ???

@Ekkologix has been killed

Gecko Moria - Necro Cult Leader

[Passive - Ouka Shichibukai] - Moria enjoys his position as a warlord of the sea working under the government. He scans innocent to alignment investigations, and role cops fail on him. Trackers and watchers still work.

[Passive - Doppleman] - Moria uses his own shadow to defend himself and block one negative action targeting him each phase, prioritizing kills. If this ability stopped a kill, it will be on cooldown next phase. If it stopped a super-kill it will be destroyed permanently.

[Active - Kage Kage no Mi] - Each phase, using his devil fruit, Moria attempts to steal a shadow from a player. Successfully doing so will super-roleblock the player for that phase and grant Moria their shadow. If that player dies, Moria loses the stolen shadow.

[Active - Zombie Army] - Moria is creating an army of zombies to take control of the Grand Line. Each phase, he may target a dead player and place one shadow on them reviving them as a zombie. Zombies have their old bodies merged with shadows of living players, as such they will regain their old passive abilities, but all their active abilities will now be that of their new shadow.

If a player whose shadow is stolen dies, the zombie equipping the shadow will die as well. If a shadow belonged to a player that's immune to rolecops, the zombie equipping it will gain no active abilities. Zombies can normally talk and vote on the thread, can use their new abilities, are immortal, and enter a group chat with Moria, where they are unable to target him with negative abilities for the rest of the game. Zombies die when Moria dies, or when their original shadow owner dies.

[Active - Shadow Asgard] - Once, at any point in the game, Moria continuesly absorbs all shadows he owns and all shadows inside his zombies, killing them all but getting a lot stronger in the process depending on the number of shadows absorbed as follows:
- 1 shadow: Moria now has base vote power of 2
- 2 shadows: Moria becomes immune to vote silence abilities
- 3 shadows: Moria becomes immune to roleblocks and rolecrushes
- 4 shadows: Moria now has base vote power of 3
- 5 shadows: Moria becomes immune to regular kills
- 6+ shadows: Moria becomes fully unstable, granting him double total vote power but he loses shadows at twice the normal rate.

During Shadow Asgard, Moria loses all his other abilities except Kage kage no Mi, and gains an additional +1 vote power for each zombie absorbed. If Asgard Moria is targeted by a negative ability that he is not immune to, he loses 1 shadow, 2 if it was a regular kill, and if targeted by a super-kill or lynch he loses Shadow Asgard form along with all his current accumulated shadows. (1-shot)

Win con: You and your zombie army control vote majority.
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