[FNZ] Role Madness Season 2 Unofficial- Dragon ball Z

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Vote Lynch Flower @Fujishiro
You are currently being scum read due to the way how Mango played. T-Pein died on night 1 who flipped cop and Mango claimed cop on day 2 for no reason and some of the players doubt there are 2 cops in the game.
That's all you got to say for a summary?

Udell jumps in the game and suspects me for suspecting their previous sub. That's his scum meta.

Usopp confirmed Flower's claim and yet he didn't thoroughly explain why he targetted Rej at all, therefore validating my tough feeling on him.
You know nothing of my scum meta. What is this horse shit you are spitting? Your post alone literally reeks of scum mate. If you don't like it thats not my problem. Get on the lynch platform and die.
You guys play weird as town on this forum. Think I rather be scum. Tris, Juilet, Flower and Beta laughing in the scum chat right now. Not like yall gonna kill any of em next DP anyway. Flower's scum play is so obvious I am not even going to bother ask why yall lynched Drago DP1.
Claimed to be an alignement cop but was more than that :okay:

@Udell / @MangoSenpai have been Lynched


- [Active - Capsule Corp] - You have abilities that you can use for various stuff. You can only use one ability at a time. Know that you cannot use the same ability for the following 3 NP’s.
1. You can investigate a player at Night to discern their alignment.
2. Can target a player to stop all other Night actions from affecting them in any way which includes investigative actions(Does not work against super kill.)
3. Target a player at night and learn who, if anybody, that player targeted the same night.
4. Change the target of the chosen player to a different player.

Eliminate all threats to town

Day 2 ends,

You have 24 hours to submit your actions (if any).
An eventfull night

@Flower [Yamcha] got killed


- [Active- Wild Nature] - You're good at tracking others and gain information. Every NP you can target a player to see which player they targeted.

- [Passive- Wolf Fang Attack] - During the NP. All abilities targeted toward you will be directed to a player of your choice excluding super kill. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town

@Juliet [Son Gohan] got killed
Son Gohan

- [Active - Strong sense of Justice] - You have the ability to visit one person each night. If they are attacked that night, you arrive just in time to save their life. However super kill bypass your ability. You can only heal yourself once.

- [Active -Senzu bean] - Using a Senzu bean allows Gohan to recover his healing ability. [1-shot]

Eliminate all threats to town

@Dream was killed his role was ???

Day 3 has begun, you have 24 hours to discuss.
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