[FNZ] Role Madness Season 2 Unofficial- Dragon ball Z

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ah ok cool.
what you think about Dream?
Nothing much.
These are his posts. Based on these I can't really say anything about him.
No posted first that's a first

Let's get the party started, Old Kai style
I preferred "Rock the Dragon" opening over the Cha-la Head Cha-la
I'll be heading off to sleep now


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Cha-la Head Cha-la is honestly one of the greatest openings ever. There's so much nostalgia that floods through listening to it.

Who was y'all's favorite DBZ character? It's Gohan for me.
Trunks all the way, always been the Trunks/Vegeta guy
Let's get a discussion going up in here. Dead D1s are pretty ass.

How about a questionnaire?

1. Which Saga is your favorite?
2. Dragon Ball or DBZ?
3. Trunks or Goten?
4. Android 18 or Bulma?
5. When was the last time Yamcha was relevant?
6. Should Gohan have been the MC after the Cell Saga?
7. Favorite Character Design?
dude, this questionnaire is hella scummy move from ya but w.e.

1. Cell Saga all the way
2. DBZ ofc, it's where the uice starts
3. Trunks always, everyone who likes something with Go, over the real Trunks is a blasphemian
4. Whoever likes Bulma has simply bad taste, I am saying it as it is, take it or leave it
5. Yamcha was relevant in DBS, I swear, read inbetween the lines and scenes
6. Gohan should be alternative MC in DBS, he was tho for one arc but it was quite the shabby portrayal
7. Nappa ofc

man of culture, townlock him
Cool cool,
Getting a bad feeling from Midnight Delight
but he likes Janemba, he must be town
Are you going to vote for midnight or not?

based post, looks good tbh


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I will save you 5 minutes.
We are sussing Dream, Midnight Delight and Dragomir
Midnight is town cuz he likes Janemba and has a Pieck Finger avatar, the combination screams Powertown

Dream, I understand it, it's a solid push for an unknown factor, even I have no clue how he plays mafia, been 2 years since I played the last time with him, if I played with him... @Dream sup bro, wanna see some content

Dragomir 100%, I get that sus too


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@Rej what are your early impressions rn?

And yes, I'm calling that early because post count wise it still feels like day start.
I have no clue, I just came here to meme, but I agree with that town read, tbf Knightofthesea looks also towny but I can't pinpoint why, can you help me?

btw, one post - one meme challenge

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