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i wasnt active this game to do that

but i know u/ratchet/flower have scum in you
Even when you were active you misinterpreted my posts. My vote never changed off of you. No matter how many posts we exchanged.

But you would have gladly wanted a CFD on me, if I was lynched, and wouldn't have taken the scum read on you then. Except now Ratchet/Flower/Me are scum for CFDing you.

This CFD will give us some options, and I don't mind being checked, but you know that the scum read from you and t-pein on Ratchet, Nick, Prof, Flowa is because they CFDed you and nothing more.


I'll never forgive you Jackteo
As per the usual—if there is any vote manipulation it is not shown in the final product / final tally.

@Ekkologix has been lynched. His role was Sanji Vinsmoke.

You are Vinsmoke Sanji!

[Passive - Stealth Black] — The secret Germa technology, built to endure the toughest attacks. Survive the first basic kill sent your way.
-----[Active - Invisibility] — The unique ability of Stealth Black, cloak yourself from the prying eyes of those nearby. If performing the faction kill, you will be untraceable. [One—Shot]

[Passive - A Man's Code] — Sanji has vowed to never, ever, hurt a woman. If Sanji performs the faction kill on a female role, this player will be rolecrushed for the cycle.

[Active - Expert Chef] — Sanji grew up admiring Zeff and all of the Baratie chefs. Having mastered the culinary art to stand at the apex of the One Piece's world of taste, Sanji can cook the following [One—Shot] dishes.
-----[Active - Gin's Takeout Stirfry] — A life saving dish! Target a player to cure them of any diseases.
-----[Active - Desert-Trekking Pirate Lunchbox] — Lunch for long journeys where one can get tired. Target a player and restore them from being rolecrushed.
-----[Active - Wedding Cake] — A marvelous desert that excites even the most stubborn of eaters! Refill a players [one—shot], become immune to this players vote & actions for the cycle.

[Active - Bath House Peeper] — Questionable behavior aside, Sanji is known for pushing his luck with women. During the night phase, target a player & if their role is a female one, refill one of your [one—shot] abilities. You can only visit the same player once.

Wincon — Defeat all Enemies of the Super Perverts Mafia​


I'll never forgive you Jackteo
Sorry for the delay! First time organizing actions. If I missed anything, please talk to me in your role PM!

Infamous pirate and supernova, "Mugiwara" Monkey D. Luffy has been seen acting yet again! This time the scoundrel of the seas has been seen asking @Natalija if she wants a place on his ship as his newest Nakama!

@ZoroSlaysDragonTuna was killed last night. His role was Boa Hancock

You are Boa Hancock!

[Passive - Because I'm Beautiful] —The signature excuse that Boa Hancock uses whenever doing something a little morally questionable. Any player who's vote is on you by the end of the Day Phase will be rolecrushed the next night phase.

[Passive - Freed Woman] — Boa Hancock and her sisters are all ex slaves, bearing the mark of the Tenryuubito on their backs. As such, they are very cautious of letting this secret out. When a player visits you during the night phase, you will be alerted of it.

[Active - Kuja Sanctuary] — Kuja Island is located deep within the Calm Belt, where no normal ship can traverse. Via the host, post an invitation to Kuja Island in the game thread for players to quote. You can choose one player who quoted the invitation and send them two messages (via the host) for the remainder of the day phase. Likewise, they can reply to you 2x times.

Wincon — Defeat all threats to town​

@Flower has been killed last night. Her role was Rukia Kuchiki

You are Kuchiki Rukia!
[Passive - Animated Companion] — Rukia is known for liking cute things and for her artistic works, namely of bunnies. Each post must contain 3 emotes, failure to do so 3 times in a single phase will result in being vote silenced.

[Active - Dance, Sode no Shirayuki] — Rukia's cold themed zanpakuto is ideal for stopping enemies in their tracks. Target a player during the night phase and roleblock them.

[Active - Bankai, Hakka no Togame] — The pinnacle of any cold themed zanpakuto, Rukia forces the area around her into the inhospitable absolute zero. During the night phase, target a player. Both you and them will start the next day phase with 5 votes, for every 20 posts, one of those extra votes will be removed. [One—Shot]

Wincon — Defeat all threats to town​

@Lindltaylor was killed last night. His role was [???]

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