Shows you used to like that dropped in quality?

"Nobody has a better story than Bran the Broken."

How? He didn't do shit. He was so forgettable that he wasn't even in season five.
That's why imo, if the show creators want to go by this evil ending route, there should be an episode in S8 that explain the reason of his absence in S5, being 3 eyed raven and all and communicating with Night King etc. It's one of more satisfying endings compared to the actual ending we got lol

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Homeland...the first three seasons are so good, and everything that comes after it wastes all the goodwill earned by those years :zosleepy:

Ngl Malcolm in the middle went from an 8 to a 3 real fast
Just watched through Malcolm for the first time since it was airing, and hoo boy, this is RIIIGHT on the money. The first four or five seasons are funny as hell, but the last couple stink so bad; all the characters become insufferable and the plots are just dumb as hell.


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What was the peak of the series for you? Did you still catch up to the latest events?
Pre-Whole cake Island Arcs were fine ...
WCI was shit
Wano is disappointing.
No I haven't caught up.
Honestly, I think people mostly watch OP cuz they love the characters and want to know if their theories/predictions for future events regarding these characters would come true, It doesn't work out for me like that, if the series decides its mainly will be directed towards younger age group of fans (including less deaths, more goffy/cute presentations of characters) I won't stay just because I think Law is a cool character and I wanna follow his story.