[Signup] Knight-Errant Game (reduced version)

Ah fuck I missed this
can put u as sub if you are available at that time. it looks like people wont change the day from Sunday

this game is 8-2-1 and im doing some math on it but seems like i may need to add one more townie to balance it out properly, but at the same time dont want it too town favored. eitherway i'll keep u guys updated here on any setup changes


no worries, it shudnt take long but lemme know if u cant

pardon me for not tagging lol

why u like being jailer specifically lol
Trimmer is known for jailing townies instead of scums ALWAYS

She is also known for investigating core townies instead of SCUMS

Among informers there is a saying "If trimmer scum reads someone, lock him town"


Paranoia and Rash decisions.