Character Discussion Smoothie the forgotten

Just imagine when we see the BMP again, and Oda decides to focus on Daifuku or Mont-d'Or but not Smoothie.:crazwhat:

I feel like Oda originally didn't want Smoothie to be a commander, but maybe one of his editors told him to make Smoothie a commander.
Remember that Katakuri wasn't supposed to fight Luffy. WCI was likely rewritten halfway through and Oda didn't want it to be a "fight" arc but then decided to make an exception for Luffy


The fact that the presumably weaker Cracker and Oven got more showings while Smoothie couldn’t even get past a damn door says it all. Even now Oda goes out of his way to single out Perospero to get a slice of action while Smoothie is destined to be MIA till its all over. She ain’t doing nothing noteworthy, we might get to see panels of her and Daifuku facing some Marine fodder. She’d be lucky if Oda handed her a VA to tussle with for a few panels.
:goyea:be patient
BMP will play a huge role , especially vs Navy
Everyone in this war is getting a fight and some shine /role to play except smoothie ... but this isn’t going to last too long

the daughter of the empress is going to fuck things up soon... just you wait zoro ... you no match for the empress, her daughter is enough !

smoothie hype incoming... can not wait for her creative and hat fighting style...juicing and absorbing haki and also juicing pain and injecting it to her majestic blade... ah, also injecting poison to her sword....zoro last days are nearing... :steef:

what a retarded post, cant stop laughing at the delusion
one swordless zoro punch would be enough to shatter smoothie entire jobber skull
not only he would mutilate her effortless, but it is 100% sure he would also mercilessly
massacre every single one of her sibling in front of her subhuman eyes
and she wouldn't do shit except cry and beg for mercy, before murdering her too and shitting all over her corpse.


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Smoothie ain't getting a full fight this arc. That's the whole reason Oda had Perospero come solo cause he's the only BMP that needed closure for a previous plot.
Yamato ends Jack then goes to confront Kaido a last time. They need closure too.
You think the only commander that didnt get a fight in WCI wont get it in Wano either? :kriwhat:
The actual proper swordsman, unlike Cracker who fights with food, wont get a fight in swordsman country?
I think Oda intentionally kept her for Wano and Yamato sounds a fitting match.
Also, I dont know if she will get a closure with Kaido, she no longer considers him her father.


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I'm not a fan of how any of the Big Mom Pirates, save Linlin herself, have been handled this arc. Even Perospero who's implicated himself into the conflict is only there for an inconsequential fight with Carrot and Wanda. It's getting pretty obvious Oda was only concerned with having Linlin on Wano so that the Rocks duo act as co-antagonists, but including the rest of the Big Mom Pirates as well would be too much.
This isn’t how one piece works...enel vs zoro and robin ?
Anyways, I think everyone agrees that killer won’t do shit and won’t survive and zoro shouldn’t be too far from killer. It’s the battle of the captains

sooner or later zoro and killer will disappear from the’s a matter of time, period.
Killer did more damage than Gamma Knife, are we reading the same manga?