Speculations Smoothie's opponent at Wano

Who is Smoothies opponent at Wano?

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I'd be cool if dragon-form Momo starts creating dragon clouds to stop Onigashima from falling on the Flower capital and suddenly Smoothie appears with the BM ship finally reaching Wano's shores. Perospero may tell her Kaido and Big mom want Onigashima to fall on Wano, so Smoothie tries to attack Momo who's contrasting Kaido's power, but Yamato stops her and they fight. If Yamato vs Smoothie is going to happen before the end of the war, I see no other option, if Smoothie can't reach Onigashima while it's flying.


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i honestly doubt that she will walk away cuz they all follow BM's orders and she does have trust in them. Breaking her word would be like betraying her, but your specteculation might be true
:gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh: i dont remember than pic was so good(perospero marco rival:suresure::suresure::suresure:)
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Smoothie vs Zoro /Killer is more likely to happen than Smoothie vs Yamato
yes like perospero marco rival:milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:

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This thread is hilarious! I needed this laugh! These responses and poll options are great!


Sad thing is, like how Toei makes Sanji look better, Pirate Warriors 4 makes her, Kinemon and Kiku look a lot better! The wasted potential on Smoothie especially is real! I don't have much hope for her anymore, I really don't understand why Oda brought her to Wano except for his stupid gags. He's clowning on the Calamities too which doesn't help.


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Smoothie vs Brook

Smoothie ability will not be able to juice Brook because it is pure bone yohohohohoho

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Smoothie vs Brook

La habilidad se Smoothie no podrá convertir en jugo a Brook porque es puro hueso yohohohohoho
I've genuinely been hoping for them to clash for this reason, also given what happened in the past too with the treasure room ofc! Smoothie had to call her mother, Big Mom a Yonko to deal with Brook!


Seriously though, I can definitely see her trying to juice Brook and he'll be making those noises like he did when he got hit by Zeus and he thought it was Nami lol. And he'll also say, "you can't drain me because I am bone dry! Yohohoho!"

The jokes just write themselves!