Speculations Speculations on Chapter 986 (or 987)

Vergo and Monet make a comeback, Vergo saves the damsel in distress, and guys will come to bow before Vergo-San's greatness. Chou Kouka in action! We then see how Vergo and Monet go after the children who are on their way to Vegapunk to be cured. Going full circles with all characters. Vegapunk with his science coming to Wano, Monet with ther snow-theme and Vergo with his overall Terminator-theme is perfect flavouring for the battle that will take place on the mainland, Kaido's mansion in the snow island. Food for thought
Momo is about to be executed. The Beat Pirates expect this child to feebly beg for his life or to cry. But he declares he’s the son of the samurai Oden and won’t dishonor his great father anymore. This yields a mixed reaction from the crowd as The pirates guffaw at Momo’s Statement, meanwhile Orochi’s goons and the hidden samurai are moved deeply.

Or maybe we get a few pages of an Ace flashback where Ace speaks highly of Luffy to Yamato.