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it means Kinemon would rather use a regular sword than use a sword that consume his Haki more than he want
Cus it would literally turn him into a husk. And he assumes it would do so to Zoro as well. It didn't.

Also is it not applied the same to Zoro? Why is it not impressive that a high tier in Kinemon would not be able to utilise Enma, but Zoro can tame and use the same blade?

Why Kawamatsu being impressed is a big deal?
Why isn't it impressive?

Kawamastsu is a high tier, unless you believe a fodder can pressure Kaido, and is able to show flying blade techniques that can dwarf Kaido.
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"Taming/using Enma is a Yonko lvl feat"
"Taming/using Enma means Zoro has Oden lvl haki"
"Only Zoro is capable of taming/using Enma out of any swordsman/person there"

All of these statements just because Zoro is using Enma.

Let's start with the panel that started it all:

"Before or after", somehow people took these words and thought that a bunch of swordsmen tried taming Enma and died or something.
Or they think that means every swordsman that lives/lived in Wano wasn't capable of handling Enma.
I'm gonna proof that the only person that ever tried Enma was Oden and Oden alone.
Before Oden
In SBS, Oda answered question about Shimotsuki Kouzaburou (the creator of Enma):
Oda says Kouzaburou created Enma and gifted Enma to Oden

This alone proves that there was no one "before" Oden to try Enma
as Enma was forged as a gift for Oden as a present, who was somewhere between 1year old and 4years old
+Nowhere in the story does it say that anyone before Oden tried Enma or failed.
After Oden
So Oden gives his swords to his wife and says to give them to their children after his death

Then we find out Hitetsu was saving these 2 swords for 20 years in order to return them to Momo and Hiyori by Oden's last will

Just in this case the "you two" Hitetsu speaking to are Momo and Zoro, because Hiyori gifted her sword Enma to Zoro, so anyone besides them didn't have the right to touch the swords, yes that's including the Scabbards.
Then we see the only person after Oden's death that used Enma is- Zoro.
So out of 2 people who ever tried taming/using Enma
100% of them succeeded in taming Enma.
100% success rate is not impressive....

So to summarize:
No one besides Oden got to use Enma because it was forged to Oden as a present
No one besides Zoro got to use Enma after Oden's death
Oden tamed Enma as a child
So we already gotten through, how Oden got Enma when he was anywhere between 1 year old - 4 years old.
Then we had a flashback where we see a 10 year old Oden using Enma no problem:

This shows that Enma was tamed:
at worst scenario by 10 year old Oden
at best scenario by even younger Oden (1-9yrs old)
Early life Oden was not that strong
We had 20 year old Oden fight 17 year old Ashura Doji and some fodder all night.
And Oden looks pretty beat up and obviously he had a difficult fight.

I'm not gonna hype the fodder, because they are fodder, beginning of One Piece anyone can take out bunch of fodder with 1 move.
So let's start with Ashura Doji:
He was 17yrs old, this wasn't the Ashura Doji who was trained by Oden and Scabbards,
this isn't current Ashura Doji who is 56 yrs old.

This Ashura Doji is WEAK. He's weaker than chapter 2 Luffy who is also 17yrs old.
We know Luffy has probably the best strength growth out of anyone in the series
19 year old Luffy is currently WAY stronger than 56year old Ashura Doji.
So imagine how much stronger 17yr old Luffy is compared to 17 yr old Doji.

I'm gonna say this, Ashura Doji was as strong as kid versions of Ace, Sabo, Luffy.
Those kids were beating up grown men and giant monsters as kids, so it's a pretty fair comparison I think.

So think how weak 10 year old Oden who was using Enma was
if 20yr old Oden had this much problem with Ashura Doji and some fodder

To summarize
Oden was really weak when he tamed Enma
so using/taming Enma is not impressive
Most people somehow skipped this, but it was said how Zoro gotten used to Enma so fast:

But these 2 translations are a bit different:
  • unofficial translation says Wado is the main reason Zoro can handle Enma
  • official translation says that Zoro is familiar to using Enma is because of Wado
I'm not Japanese, so I have no idea what it says in the original, but I wanna say that anime also said that the biggest reason Zoro gotten used to Enma is thanks to Wado.
best case scenario- Zoro had an advantage with a sword he's been using for 11yrs- Wado
worst case scenario- Wado is more than 50% the reason that Zoro can tame Enma.

  • Oden was the first and only Enma user
  • Oden tamed Enma as a child (10 years old or even younger)
  • Oden was not strong when he tamed Enma
  • No one after Oden's death even touched Enma besides Zoro
  • Oden and Zoro are the only 2 people that ever tried Enma and both of the succeeded
  • Zoro had Wado, which helped either gave him an advantage in taming Enma or it is the reason Zoro was able to tame Enma
Enma is a powerful sword, but taming it is not impressive.
We know kids can tame Enma, taming Enma is not strength nor haki feat. You just need practice no matter how strong or weak you are.

The only way taming Enma would be impressive if a literal fodder tried using the sword and succeeded in taming it on first try.
You're not entirely wrong if you pick apart at the details, but that's clearly not the picture Oda was trying to paint, and you know it. If anything this is a shot at Oda for not covering his tracks better, not Zoro. It's clearly made out to be something difficult to do and your "proof" of Oden taming Enma that early is flimsy at best.

Though yes Zoro naturally has had a smoother transition to Enma because of Wado. That's undeniable. This allows Oda to fast forward Enma mastery in limited time while remaining believable.
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