Which of these characters do you guys think will be Zoro's foe before Mihawk?

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The Road To Harmony
I've been reading through all the past posts and I find the Ryuma-Zoro connections to be fascinating.

One thing I've noticed that hasn't been brought up is that the outfit Zoro had in the first chapter of Wano, where he is about to commit seppuku, is almost identical to the outfit worn by Ryuma in the Monsters oneshot:

The difference being that Ryuma has a darker belt as opposed to Zoro's white one. Also, the shade of white of Ryuma's outfit is warm(or dirty) instead of the pure white of Zoro's:

What do you guys think, a coincidence or a deliberate connection by Oda?
Possibly. Though there are more apparent connections between the two already. In fact, Oda's already.

I think the big take away is that Zoro performed two of the 7 virtues of Bushido during that chapter.

Chugi - Loyalty.

He was willing to kill himself over a crime he didn't commit for the sake of protecting the mission. He expresses shame at the end for potentially jeopardizing it due to the second virtue.

Gi - Justice.

Zoro took the immediate action of striking down the Magistrate once he realized he was the true culprit for the crossroad killings.

It's poignant because Oda establishes in that very same chapter how corrupt Wano's current breed of Samurai have become, and here comes this outsider displaying what it truly means to be one.
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