keep your advice to yourself, you are the one being bitter over your idol and whining on zoro fan thread
Lmao, a fictional character isn't my idol, and I'm just saying why hate that much on sanji when zoro himself doesn't hate on sanji and vice versa, I'd say to same to a sanji fan who is downplaying zoro, there are three categories of fans, toxic stans, normal stans and zoro and sanji enjoyers

Imo it's dumb to hate on one of the main characters, specially when that character is one of the most relevant to the story, hating on zoro or sanji is just dumb, you can't even enjoy the story
Do it then. Talk to stealthback who makes threads on daily basis to downplay zoro. Stop pretending you are on neutral side even though you only would respond if it's about sanji. Walk the talk
Hey I'm just on this website because I heard it was famous for trolling and shitting on sanji, I went here and oh boy the rumors were beyond true, with the recent chapters Imma let sanji boys have their fun, they suffered enough, once sanji gets his shine and they get too cocky it'll be their turn
^ backpedalling the argument
With the rooftop and all, it's obvious zoro downplayers as people who force themselves rather than people who are just extremely dumb , kinda like the god usopp memes

When sanji get his shine he might seem on par with zoro, that's when the downplay will obviously start being legit instead of being just a meme and that's when I'll step in and tell sanji stans to not get cocky just because their favorite got their shine