Oda's fav is Zoro, Zoro is the only Japanese in SH and Oda is a highly patriotic person.
Luffy is obviously the MC and that can't be changed, but Zoro is also an important character in the series.
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King o

King of heaven incoming? let's go :cheers:
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OMG even crunchyroll is a fan of Zoro 😳
why is the crunchyroll video taken down? Was it too painful for anti zoro squad?

This is so brutal

Especially the close up:
Damnn, imagine how Asura's cut is going to look like. Both Oda and Toei that they aren't afraid of showing blood and beheading is lit.
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the roof top is basically zoro embarrassing kaido every chance he gets.
love to see it.

the only time kaido landed a hit is when zoro was paralysed.
Or when he teamed with Big Mom lol.