Should Stacks get unbanned her?

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I swear if with Seraphim Kaido Oda delivers what was promised with the real Kaido it will only show how coward he has been during Wano end
This would have no value whatsoever.
Even if S-Kaido is doing it in dragon form above the capital it will not meaning anything because Wano does not need to be freed anymore and Luffy is already seen as the new Ryuma.
Rest In Peace @KiriNigiri

You were way too patient with most of us than we deserved.
She really was. I cannot believe she is gone, this is heartbreaking 😔
She was one if not the most mature out here, her threads were always super interesting and detailed. I didnt always agree with everything she said, but she always expressed herself in a polite, respectful and also convincing manner, and I wish I could have done the same 😔
I am so sorry, Kiri, this is just unfair, may you rest in peace 😔

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Viva La One Peace.
First boss and now kiri...:catcry:
But don't worry guys they are in a better place rn with Zoro's best friend watching and waiting for Zoro's name reach to them :catsweat:

Amen to that man. I just hope the heavens are ready for Zoro's name, the King of Hell to reach them and for Kiri's grand entrace too! We were blessed by Heaven to have Kiri amongst us and now she's gonna do the same for Heaven in return!