Anime & Manga The Amount of downplaying Zoro gets from reddit and twitter is astonishing

This whole "zorotards are the worst" is a MYTH:mihugh: All sanji fans do is playing the victim. They are as toxic as zoro fans or even more. Like these guys victimize themselves in every opportunity.

Constant downplaying and calling others retards for great theories like ZKK.
Like I remember before rooftop how zoro wasnt going to even touch/see kaido at all, but how did that go?:usoprice: Or how zoro wouldnt have CoC cuz its for luffy only or how king bounty 100% will be 1,33mil and lastly the infamous king will fight sanji. All of these are wano only DEAR GOD!:crazwhat:
Im sure I forgot hundred more but these guys takes are one of if not the worst in whole OP fandoms.
They are really Afraid of Zoro there. everything is zoro fans' fault. it was "lots of luffy" fans who were disappointed about "gomu gomu no mi and joyboy" destiny connection. now they turn around and blame zoro fans. LOTS AND LOTS of sanji fans were mad about him not getting a fight in wci. they shit talked oda. but now suddenly they always understood this "deep character" and oda always loved "wings" but it was zoro fans who were the problem.

we actually saw zoro blocking 2 yonko attack partially. but they will comment on every post to remind you that it was for a second. but nobody is saying how sanji got put down in a second by 2 commander(not yonko). it was so unimportant that oda didn't even show it. the feat was that insignificant. zoro has been fighting constantly for hours against fodders,appo, kaido, big mom and now king but he is still equal to sanji. Marco gets exhausted in half hour without putting any damage but thats excusable because he was "holding off" . zoro gets his 20 bone broken before asura but suddenly in that case "exhaustion" is not an issue apparently.

no matter what zoro does to these people it will always be base luffy> zoro=sanji. they have been proven wrong about everything on this arc. where does all these overconfidence come from?? "Zorotards" are maybe annoying but atleast they were right about everything. zoro scarred kaido, has king's haki, is ryuma's descendant all these theory came true. reddit would always laugh at you if you say those stuff before. i wasn't on the camp of zkk before but i hope that happens now to teach those people a lesson. the groundwork for zkk has already been beautifully done so why not??

i bet if zkk happens those guys will pretend like they always knew it would happen but still luffy>zoro=sanji and its not a "big deal" lol. just like how now they are pretending they always knew yamato is a girl even though they were calling you transphobic before

calm down.
nobody say zoro is weak.
Everybody say zoro is not strong as zorotards said.
All issue is all.