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Also at this point straw hats risked their life for Luffy more than he did for them lol
Luffy didn't show any concern to half-dead Zoro vomitting blood and having all his bones broken after taking hakai
didn't care about usopp and nami being chased by ancient zoan that forced him to use G4
will show complete disregard to take safe route they all agreed on, for no other reason than cheap dick waving contest

:suresure::suresure::suresure:you can thank plot armor for that. goffy is so lucky he's the MC.
MC’s are supposed to have plot armour.
Luffy was the only reason the crew got two year gap and were saved by Kuma and Rayleigh despite punching the celestial dragon(which was the right thing to do btw, really shows how free, unbothered Luffy is just like a pirate, all others worst generation members were cowards masquerading as pirates). His father’s friend Kuma helped saved the crew, Rayleigh helped them because he was impressed with Luffy and Luffy’s dream and was thankful Luffy saved Hatchan life.
In conclusion Luffy’s past actions help him gain allies for the future.
With MC power it's all possible


I don't tip.
He also punched a celestial dragon and it didn't end up good for the crew
Zoro tried to attack the same CD earlier.
Gotta thank Bonney as well. At least, during the auction, the whole crew was on board with punching that shitty ass fucker.
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I wasn’t born a Sanji fan so I don’t know this feeling :risicheck:
Call me when Marvel print a story half as good as Kingdom Come.
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