Speculations The calamities will be defeated by the scabbards

Because he Doesn't hit women so Smoothie and Big Mom herself are off limits

And there is no way Sanji's first proper fight since Fishman Island is Perospero, it would be completely boring since Perospero's powers would be fucked by Sanji's flames
I think sanji's going to break his code and hit big mom.

his powers, hell memories, are based off anger. Sanji would be at his strongest when his in a rage blind fury. I think what's going to happen is that its going to be revealed that the big mom pirates did something to the vinsmokes, and sanji is going to lose his shit.
why trying to be all black or all white ?
It will probably follow the same pattern as with luffy :
Second encounter will be a lose with some good damages inflicted to Kaido, and then an "awakening" on how to beat him, probably during the same day, the invasion day because otherwise story wise it'll be too hard for them to win if they are put under jail again.
Same goes here : Probably our zorro, sanji, jimbe, will lose one time, two time, find some keys, be healed by the alliance, then the alliance will do a massive damage to the calamaties - i'm assuming we'r only talking about king and queen, because oda made it clear that inu and neko will beat jack - and at the end they will beat them in high Diff, in that way they'll somehow still be seen on the same tier at them and not overpowered - but still a bit because we are reaching EOS and it's needed - for the next arc, and for the next opponents.
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Wow... I had no idea that people underestimate Scabbards so much, wow... I can't believe this.

Asura Doji a solid YC1
He was the second strongest samurai after Oden which means a lot,

he was also the only one who give Oden at least some kind challenge in their fight...

And dispite the fact that he last he was still able to give Oden some kind of damage.

In a war against Kaido dispite being vastly outnumbered Asura Doji managed to go teo to teo with King and Just like his captain King used derty tricks to defeat Asura, in fair fight I'm pretty sure Asura would take down king just like Oden would have killed Kaido.

He managed to survive in Wano for 20 years and when he had his chance against Jack he showed him his place.

Denjiro a solid YC2
Denjiro and Asura Doji fought against Kaido and survived.

Denjiro was playing with enraged Zoro as he was some kind of joke and we know that Zoro is strong, ask Zoro fan boys they'll tell you.

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are solid YC3
Even though they fought against Jack separately for some days it still doesn't take away from the fact that they were equally matching Jack and just like his captain Jack used derty tricks to win, again... (man so much dirty tricks, I think in fair fight the beast pirates have zero chance against the clamatiais) they also physically overpowered a giant Fishman who is an ancient Zoan user, which is quite impressive to say the least.

Inuarashi was also able to go teo to teo with Asura for some time and add to this sulong.

Unfortunately we don't have much feats from the rest of the scabbards but the simple fact that Luffy called Okiku "super duper strong" means that she's also YC level, btw she also low diffed Kanjiro.

Overall I think scabbards are stronger then any Yonko crew, and even in terms of falowers Oda comperes Oden to likes of Roger and Whitbeard.
The signature of beast pirates are their toughness. Jack didn't give a fuck facing admirals and vice admirals. Similarly, Queen facing Big Mom with zero hesitance, even insulted her. The f6 has shown this toughness as well.

They will take a couple hits and slashes but they are generally stronger and has more endurance than the scabbards. Inu/Neku(non sulong) and Ashura Douji are no match for Jack in a long fight. Jack who Queen and King berated.

The only strong scabbard is Denjiro, who has never shown to be weak.


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Jack was able to fight with Inuarashi and Nekomamushi for 5 days.
Inu and Neko still have their legs and arms, so it hard to say if Nekomamushi and Inuarashi on the same level as Jack.
Or granted they on the same level as Jack, but because Jack DF is so durable, thats why Jack able to fight them.
Well the strongest person Zoro beat at the time was pica so.....
Without breaking a sweat and not going all out. The likes of Cracker would be buried by Golem Pica. And he also scared the shit out of Fujitora, had a scuffle with him twice in the same arc & did well when he was caught off guard
All the "Post Timeskip formula is different" stuff by @Monkey D Theories is hilarious

The ONLY major Arc where the Formula didn't apply was WCI

In Dressrossa Zoro defeated Pica far easier than Kyros defeated Diamante and without "I won't lose in front of my daughter" powerup.

Franky Defeated Senior Pink who had the Biggest Bounty behind Lao G while Bart Barely Beat Gladius. Brook defeated Viola, Robin Defeated Hakuba technically.

The only difference is Sanji being taken out of the arc so He didn't get to defeat anyone but if he wasn't he would have 100% beat a Seat fighter.

In WCI oda wanted to make it a Heist arc but Just Couldn't have a Major arc without Luffy having a Major Fight so he redesigned Katakuri. He didn't do the same for Sanji and Brook because then the Heist part of the arc would be overshadowed. One could argue he should have picked a side and either made it a Fight arc or Heist arc but it is what it is. Wano is a Fight arc so it followed the Normal formula

The fact that a lot of the fandom was surprised by this proves that a lot of people here are too dumb for this manga
Oda showed that the scabbards are too weak for the Calamities. Only the dukes who in base are on the level of Ashura Doji, but in Sulong is far stronger is on the level of Jack.

Oda uses the Enies Lobby formula:

Luffy will beat the strongest
Zoro beat the second strongest
Sanji beat the third strongest

Then the rest fight opponents far weaker than the monster trios or don’t fight at all.

While Killer basically fought the Chief Baskerville of this arc. A minor fight against a weaker opponent than the adult straw hats.
Well you were right at one since inu defeat jack but no scabbard could have defeat Queen or king two of them would have defeat Queen but they wouldn't have defeat King