Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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holy hell, woke up with my back completely fucked and stiff.

Did some exercises and stretches, took a pill to relieve the pain, but i'm guessing i will be staying sitting down or in the bed for the rest of the day.

Anyway, free God of War Ragnarok DLC baby, nice.
Hope you get better bro.
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I'll leave and join reddit
I think Oda purposefully had her down while he used WSG, WSG looked very similar to the move she used on Alpha after all, and G5 in general is pretty similar to how Nika is described in storybooks.
If he uses a move like that again on Saturn then she'll definitely realize he's Nika.

Also @Tensub thoughts?
That's an incredible picture. I like the Faye one too but the YYH one is sick
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