Break Week The lack of Mihawk in Kaidou’s vision proofs that he is warlord level ad weaker then Oden and weaker then Shanks

This is the only canon we can accept I suppose. Since that's the logic the author proposed us with the WSS portrayal. But more generally, when an author refers to strongest swordsman the overall power level of the individuals is being taken into account.
all we know is that devil fruit counts I wonder what else styles people use in one piece cant wait for the World strongest gun or something like that
He said that Big Mom got unscratched against Kaido, that alone was better than anything Mihawk had ever done.

Bigmom also defeated Queen in 2 hits and easy strangling Marco. Those things seem impossible for Mihawk, who is like fighting equal with Vista.
The logic from Sanji boys nitpick everything. You talked about "who mihawk beat" does not mean anything since i can say the same thing to big mom. If you want to talk about previous things, then i can also bring up how shanks is still not WSS even after duelling him. Yes, the shanks that appeared in the kaido vision
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Mihawk isn't great like Oden.
Just accept it

Oden is someone who makes others PK or more successful while being super strong himself with huge potential
We both know Mihawk would destroy Oden
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from stealthblack to stealthbreakdown lol

Rayleigh, Garp, Sengoku, Big Mom, missing some big time players on there.