Break Week The lack of Mihawk in Kaidou’s vision proofs that he is warlord level ad weaker then Oden and weaker then Shanks


Paranoia and Rash decisions.
Judge's son fans never cease to impress me.

Just because your favorites dream is to cook fish doesn't mean that Zoro's dream is as pathetic as you hope for it to be.
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kaidou was talking about great pirates.

bm is likely not there because he sees her as his sister and was right there next to him
BM's intro


Cyrus the Cactus

Mihawk Reigns Supreme
Mihawk isn't great like Oden.
Just accept it

Oden is someone who makes others PK or more successful while being super strong himself with huge potential
How does reading Poneglyphs help him in the strength department? And how come he was never called the World’s Strongest Swordsman? Or make black blades? He’s basically Nitoryu Zoro...

The only alive pirates that can fight the one rumored to be the strongest are shanks and luffy, even oden is above that, proofin once and for all that shanks and oden> mihawk and his title is overrated. mihawk is on par with the other warlords like doflamingo and boa hancock, shanks is on par kaidou and oden, luffy. mihawk was only on par with shanks 6 years before shanks became yonkou, same way lucci was on par with luffy a few years before luffy becomes PK.

WSS zoro by default will forever be under shanks and oden.

Holy fuck man, your threads are becoming worse and worse. Whackiest fucking takes bro
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those 5 are the most powerful pirates; mihawk is also a pirate but he wasnt show yes shanks is stonger than mihawk. the retarded ass take of mihawk>shanks for some pathetic argument like mihaw k is worls greatest swordsman muh portryal is all bs. this is portrayal
Half shadowed faces are portrayal now. Lol. Loving the original yonkou portrayal, 1000% quality take
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Bruh how is he not perma-banned
Dealing copium to lanji tard mods
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