The most dangerous situations you have been in...

I got caught in a cross fire between two of the most powerful militias back in 2012 ... Bullets were flying everywhere and I can vividly remember the window glass breaking ... by a miracle, I was Ok, however, 5 men were killed that day, 4 of them were Civilians.
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As the title says, here you can share dangerous experiences you've been through.
Back in JH ( or Middle School however you want to call it ) I and few of my friends were jumped off by a bunch of club supporters in front of 50 people at the bus stop. No one even reacted so we fought with these fuckers. I was good and most of my friends too only one friend suffered a cracked rib and a few bruises because he slipped and they caught him on the ground.

When I was 10 I was playing some random game with my friend on the stairway in our block. Little do we know our neighbour angry German sheepshead with rabies run away from his house. We just walked to my friends house seconds before he got on the same floor where we were playing.

Last one and I will not open on this too much because I talked about this in other thread I fought a professional boxer ( without my knowledge that he was a boxer at first ).

When he missed one of his hits just millimetres from my face my cockiness went from 100 to -000.


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Why would you do that. You said you were the strongest cause you got bullied in school

I totally forgot about all of this lmao:rolaugh:Thanks for reminding me once again HA-san:cheers:
being bullied made me strong if i run into my bully today i will only get one black eye instead of two. And i dont wear underwear anymore so they can't give me a wedgie
Dang man, that's very sad to hear:crazwhat:Hope you stay safe my man:kata: