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Why not? I don't mean as a ship but the popular anime trope.
Sanji would probably be like "I don't date brats," or "10 years too early for you," or some other smart ass way of letting her down while still being kind.
Bonney is about 11-12, right?
Pudding is 16 and she kissed Sanji which he had heart eyes in response to, so 10 years is a stretch, and with Bonney being able to turn into adult it can get weird easily.
So let them just have a nice wholesome bond.

Bepo D. Bear

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So, my fellow Sanji fans, plz help me to chose the most suitable Sanji X-mas mood user pic!

I probably like the first one and the last one the most. But all of them are good!

Let me also ask @Bepo D. Bear to check those out for an unbiased opinion (and possibly a new option? 😀)
Oh, difficult decision! :shocking:

I really like the first two options and the last two ones! Number 3 and 4 are not bad either, but image 3 is a bit blurry and in picture 4 Sanji seems to disappear into the colorful background. I personally would go with picture 5 or 6 ... Or with number 1? Number 2 is cute as well! Yes, really helpful 😁

Maybe trying on each of these avys will help you to decide?

Tried to look up for more Sanji christmas fanarts, but I barely found some! I think you pretty much already had found all the good ones :sanmoji:

I also really love smiling christmas Sanji, but due to it's round shape it maybe isn't the right choice for an avy?