What will be Sanji new bounty ?

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I don't want RS Sanji to use DJ because I want to keep the agenda of the Raid Suit being a nerf for Sanji......

Oda: "Reality is often disappointing."

Sadly, the power ranger costume is here to stay. Oda is gonna use his favourite plot-device Sanji to expand/exposition dump the SSG/Vegapunk/Technology plotline even though Franky already fucking exists and is perfect for the role but now WCI has happened so whatever. I just hope he actually gives Sanji a crucial role in this throughline that heavily impacts the greater plot (maybe call back to the Kuma moment in TB about Marines being worried most about him).

Because as it stands he's just robbed the most entertaining and suave looking fighter/fighting style for a cheap reference/homage and a boring fucking peeping joke. Not only that, Sanji had a reputation of being the only crew member not relying on DF/Weapons etc for 20 years, being a pure superhuman brawler. Now we get a boring suit that provides straight stat boosts and overlaps skills he already had (Sky Walk is a thing?), no hardwork or personal growth of his own (other than "swallowing his pride"). God, I dislike it so much.