General & Others This is a time of Thruth. Who do you like ? Who do you defend against the haters ? Time to say your favorite character.

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Franky might be my favorite character in the series, and that’s not a decision I arrived at lightly. It’s fair to say, though, that I like pretty much any major, supporting, or tertiary character that isn’t fucking Foxy. His entire arc in the canon, every appearance in the anime only, and his general air of smug dickheadedness all irk me to no end...if I were ever gonna give up on One Piece, it would have been shortly after he was introduced. His Devil Fruit would have been SO much better if eaten by a character that actually matters in the story, so I’m hoping Blackbeard has brutally murdered him and given said DF to anyone on his crew.
who's my favorite or who's the strongest in my opinion? i think it correlates quite strongly, since if i think that a particular character is the strongest, or has the most potential to be the strongest, then usually he becomes my favorite.

The next reason that i prioritize in order to make a character into my favorite is good character design and good quotes.

That's my reason to have these characters as my favorite:

- Kaidou (WSC - the physically strongest ever One Piece character imo, with absolute supreme design)

- Luffy (most potential to be the strongest, simple yet good quotes that originates many shonen manga themes about nakama)

- Imu, Rocks D Xebec (the two characters that may be the strongest ever)

- Shanks (imo a character with the most suspicion of having a unique power and being the strongest after or even equal to Kaidou. Didn't like his fashion sense though, he looks like a bum)

- Blackbeard (original design, unforgettable quotes about Man's Dream, absolute supreme mystery of special body and never sleeping all his life. Didn't like the types of his powers though, black holes that suppress others' ability doesn't appeal to me while the quake fruit is a stolen one)
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My Favorite is Ivankov.

Follow Bon-Chan because of Impel Down - Kyros because the guy while forgotten by everybody and changed in a toy didn't ever stopped fighting

Follow them Rosinante Corazon who has been amazing in fighting is brother and saving kids and Law. But I still don't get why he choose to stay near his evil brother.

Follow Sanji because is role, story and sell sacrifice for the straw hat even if I can't accept his evil attack names.

Then Inzaume, Charlotte Praline and Charlotte Moscato because of designs.