Questions & Mysteries To all Zoro fans

i really don't understand why zoro fans want him to kill kaido and why they aren't satisfied enough with what zoro made until yet.
First, it is a theory with many indicators.

*On the cover of chapter 784 Zoro is sitting on the headstone with Kaido's number and on his shirt it says "Who laughs last laughs best" in Spanish.
*There are the many parallels made with Zoro and Ryuma, one of them you can see in chapter 1023.
*There are several statements within the manga that Kaido needs to be killed, as in chapters 942 and 993.
*Oda already mentioned in SBS 4 that Luffy doesn't kill, but Zoro already killed Mr 7 when he was recruited by Baroque Works
*Zoro has already declared that he is in Wano to slice Kaido.
*Zoro's vivre card says he's in Wano to exterminate an Oni, Kaido's race.
*Kaido despises any samurai after Oden's death, as seen in chapters 993 and 1042.

Second, we always want to see our favorite characters stand out. Killing the one who is known as immortal is one of the ways.


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First of all, i'm a luffy fan,

i really don't understand why zoro fans want him to kill kaido and why they aren't satisfied enough with what zoro made until yet. He fought against 2 yonkos and was arguably the the most impressive in 5v2 (with luffy together). Then he overcame a creature like King (a killing machine and a lunarian), the right hand man of Kaido, who said that king is strong (thats why his name is King). He has Adv. conqourers and adv. armament Haki, he has Enma and when he is fit after all this, i really think that he could go extreme diff against an admiral (besides Akainu). Just leave him alone, at the end of the day he is the number 2 of the crew, and thats why zoro is one of the most incredible characters out there, but enough is enough.
It's easy to explain, because the plot has set him up to do so:
It’s not really about agenda for me and I’m grateful for all Oda has given me in regards to Zoro in Wano. It’s more about the plot, there’s just so many breadcrumbs left between Thrillerbark, Punk Hazard, and Wano that lead me to believe the plot is leading to this moment. Everything from Ryuma, Shusui, land of samurai/swordsmen, never see a monster swordsman like Oden again, Enma, Oden, black blades, dragon slaying, flower capital, hell, oni’s, Ushimaru, Shimotsuki, interactions from the people of Wano (Hiyori, Momo, Yasiue, Ebisu town, Onimaru), scarring Kaido, conquerors’s haki. I’ve listed a bunch of things in a very vague manor but people have already brilliantly analyzed these key elements to death in relation to just Zoro himself. If zkk doesn’t happen (which is fine) than this is the biggest red herring I’ve seen, it just makes sense to me and it’s very easy to see why others would believe and want it to happen. This feat among many in just this arc alone is huge for the legend of Zoro who is destined to be the greatest swordsman ever, who’s name will reach the heavens.

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Zoro already done great. ZKK is just a cherry on top. Zoro fans want ZKK to happens because it was supposed to fulfilled Toki's prophecy and Wano people's dream of getting rid of Kaido. However, the Enma and Grim Reaper is more intriguing to me cuz that's something that we never seen before and could be a key for turning Enma black.