Controversial Top 5 character Designs

Too many, if there’s one thing that Oda is good at then it’s memorable character designs (especially male characters). On the top of my head then there’s Law, Doffy, Croc, Katakuri, King, Mihawk, Wyper.

When it comes to females then Boa, Yamato and BM (young or old) are the best. Yes, even old BM has a great design especially when she’s using her df, she looks like a real menace.
Yamato’s aesthetic + her df is also really good, wish she didn’t have that Nami clone face though. She should keep the oni mask on.
Yes, shading turned Jack from goofy to menacing, but this is reality Tac:

Most dense glare and dumb hair cut in the entire manga, dude looks like obelix lmfao

Meanwhile only a few compare to this masterpiece of design
Pink isn't cute but very dangerous
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