Controversial Top 5 character Designs

Ben Beckman
Rob Lucci

Honorable mentions:
Prime Big Mom
Amande (from the BM pirates)
Yamato pre boobjob
Kizaru is aight..
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Oda has drawn many good desings,but the lack of depth and shading compare to others really undermines them.

Wyper,Crocodile,Lucci,Scarf Kata,Shiryu, King are quite good but can't be compared when Oda goes a step beyond with the art on others.

For example I wouldn't say I like Hawkins' desing more than the above,but this panel goes hard.

Sanji and Zoro as well .

2 characters that vary by design are BB and Mihawk btw(imo).
Post ts Balckbeard is shit personally,VS Ace it was his best appearance by far.

Mihawk with white blouse without his fedora is a meh desing. With it,it's another story.