Theory Ulti and Page One will join the.... Kid Pirates


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Hey WG!

The most of you know my theory about Ulti and P1 joining the Kid Pirates since a long time. I mentioned it several times in some thread, but i thought, i may open a specific thread about it, to discuss it and to have it written somewhere specific.

In my opinion, Ulti and Page One will aknowledge Kid as winner against Big Mum at the end of wano and since they had some personal clash with her, they will kinda connected. Additionaly, Ulti seems pretty much driven by strong personalities and fighters, which is the reason she stucks to Kaido. She aknowledges him as extremely strong and the future pirate king. Since he will fall too this ark, her view will change about it. And her options after are Luffy and Kid. She dont like Luffy at all and with Kid as his competitor, it only makes sense for her to push him.

Additionally, characterwise they seem to fit pretty much in the Kid crew. I know its pretty vage, but for me it looks just damn right, so i make the statement:

Ulti and Page One will join the Kid Pirates!

Additionaly, there are two more people i could IMAGINE to join, but quite not as sure as i am with P1 and Ulti:
1. Hawkins and 2. Jack the Drought

But what are you guys think about this?



Heavy Metal
Didnt we all have this discussion way back.

Im on the same boat Ulti and PO to Kidd pirates makes very logical sense
Yeah we had them and i genuinly wanted to read that arguing again, but couldnt find it. So i thought it would be a good idea to have this as a straight up thread, since i also saw it upcoming on youtube as theories.
Jean Beart joined Heart Pirates just because Law saved him. The only way i can see this theory becoming true is Kid and Killer saving Ulti and P1 from WG.

Otherwise Ulti and P1 serving Kid after Kaido makes no sense.