oda writing sanji character growth

first in WCi we introduced with sanji shitty family germa 66 they are group of superhuman gene with clones and judge hate sanji because he is a failure but still using him to alliance with big mom. sure sanji got his development when he betray luffy then helping him again after he know BM betrayed his family but that thing already happened in usop in Water seven arc (oda recycling arc?)okay no problem oda love recycle but then sanji got no fight in his arc? he just create wedding cake for big mom n break up with pudding ? that,s it???
but sanji got the RS well not bad right? wrong, he hate germa tech but need it for upcoming yonko battle with kaido, he use it 3-4 times dunno but it,s fine n dandy he even use it to peeking woman bath just for shits n giggels okay whatever oda jokes .
but in raid sanji do something stupid why looking for prostitue in raid? why he got tricked by black maria even though he have CoO ?
why he let all know about robin (including Cp0) in the middle of freaking war !!!
now oda write sanji develop germa genes even though he is a failure ? even though Sora SACRIFICE HERSELF TO STOP SANJI TO BECAME DEVOID OF EMOTION? even though RS use still normal before (sanji never feel anything when he use RS especially when he peeking woman bath) so WHY NOW ?
n do sanji really need to destroy RS? why don,t just give it to franky to be "fixed" maybe WHY DEVELOP POWER UP THEN DESTROYED AFTER NEXT ARC???
if Enma suddenly became sentient and change zoro will he destroy it too? or suddenly enma absorb too many haki or went berserk? we still don,t know why enma can absorb haki right?
or if zeus suddenly betray nami again will oda destroyed zeus again??? remember zeus still BM souls not Independent sentient creature.

so what the hell is going on ? why oda "come back n forth with sanji" and only sanji?:kayneshrug::josad:
i feel like garp and roger where on the same level as luffy and the supernovas(kid,law) when they faced of against rocks.

rocks was like the kaido and the top tier crew members were like the supernovas.