My view for the war with marine at the end of the story:
Luffy vs Akainu
Zoro vs Ryokugyu
Sanji vs Kizaru
Yamato vs Fujitora
Not sure if Oda will pit Yamato against an opponent in the same league as Zoro and Sanji... Even if she's in the same league as the Wings, Oda will trick the (naive) readers that she isn't by pitting her against a lesser (but advantageous) opponent...
How is that even a question? :zosleepy:
Law is a human. An incredibly tough human but bullets, swords and nails (especially nails:myman:) will always be able to hurt him, let alone a named attack if he doesn't defend himself.
The RS is an armor that normal bullets can't even dent and, whatever someone thinks about Sanji>=< Law, Sanji is not physically weaker than Law.:kayneshrug: