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Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
Since the lynch with Lord Melkor went well I'm going to stick with the plan.

Vote Lynch Bonnibel

Then we assess things after the thing with Juliet resolves. I'm not sure if Ekko's ability will still activate after being mod removed though.

Also, one quick thing is that even if you suspected Ekko to be the WQ we should still be cautious and assume she's in the game still for now.

We try to get this last red and go from there.
short day phase yesterday I didn't even have time to get on. I know the Gambit lynch didn't look good especially when it seemed like I deflected the lynch or something but looking at Melkor's ability it looks like he can take off three people's votes so I think that's what happened last night.

i decided to invest instead of using my one shot since theres no point in clearing towns with only few players left which helped a ton with DEM using mass block again. By PoE i liked Juliet the least. she asks questions that lead to making the questioned look bad with the way she talked to others like Pero last DP. I scanned her guilty she's the last red for sure. Pot's WQ.

I also want to point out we've never lynched a single person that flipped guilty for me so it'd be really easy if we get it over with and confirm one.
[Active - Political influence] - Westcott can use his connections to his advantage, enabling him to get away of most situations. Choose three players each cycle. If they vote you or any of Mafia even once, they lose their voting power for the remaining of the cycle.

LM's ability. So all he had to do was to use it on folks who voted Bonnie. Also, LM voted for Gambit too. I'll check out previous votings to look for pattern, darling
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