[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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Town's First Scum Kill

Town Vig coming in hot...
Town Vig killing that scum!

Runningnose (@NeutralWatcher ) has been killed!

You are Runningnose!

[Active - Heal] You are the medicine cat of your Clan, each night you can target one of your clanmates to protect them from incoming attacks.

[Passive - Not Evil] You are not evil, like at all. A pretty neutral guy could be a townie but fuck that. You appear as innocent to investigations.

[Active - StarClan's Prophecies!] As you are a medicine cat, your connection to StarClan is the highest of all in your Clan. Each night, you can pray to StarClan and make up a fake write-up.

[Passive - Running nose] Even though you are a medicine cat and your job is to heal, you can't cure your own cold. Thus, in each post you make you must *sniff* at least once.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to ShadowClan.
Someone attempted to kill ??? but failed.

Someone attempted to kill ??? but failed.

The host and the entire dead chat attempted to kill ??? for taking 3048383849 hours to turn in their action but failed.
It is Sunrise. You have 24 hours to discuss.
With 9 players alive, it takes 5 to lynch.
Oh yeah, i forgot if im guarding someone thats scum i fuck them up, unless someone else went for him?
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BOOM BITCH. Vig did a good job. I told you NW was scum.

Let's look into Sera/Seth's replacement now.

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I hope I can post and I didn't misread Drago's DM. Otherwise this will be a very sad and swift modkill
Arent you like unable to talk today? Did i miss something.
Vote lynch TAC.

He protected Nat way too hard and she was pro scum.
@Queen agreed with my logic behind going after Mafia due to the numerical advantage they hold. And queen's the towniest town here. Killing Nat gave us no overrall advantage. In fact, scum set her up by killing off Light mid round.

And then you pushed her heavily. And now push me. Did you cure Rayan?


@RayanOO has been killed!

You are Brightpaw!

[Active - Poking Around] You have a history of poking around where you shouldn't be hence why you have lost your right eye. That's your fault. Each night target someone to find out if they're innocent or guilty.

[Active - Poking Around, advanced level] When you get your warrior name, you will unlock this ability. --LOCKED--

To earn your warrior name you must get at least one guilty result.

Wincon: You win when all threats are eliminated to Town!
We definitely have another protect.
Weird that no one CC'd the others.


Look guys. It's 4:10 AM. I'm going to bed.

I'm gonna just place a vote on Flowa. I'm sure I'll change my vote 18 more times today though. But she's swinging out the gates for me and should be dead, apparently.

Vote Lynch Flower @Dragomir
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