[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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we have a townie who get power upgrade for lynching shadowclan members (tac) and townie who can kill shadowclan members (fallen)
no townies with abilities related to the bloodclan
that wouldn't make sense in a multimaf gamne


there is only 4 clans according to the player list
the fallen's ability 2 targets: clawface and brokenstar were both shadowclan members, don't you think he would be able to kill a bloodclan member if there was a bloodclan?

Didn't you say Bloodclan doesn't appear in Prophecy Begins?

Says here that Al has been killed, not super killed.
Sniff do you think mafia could have superkill?

. You’re panicking and sounding like Sera.

My bio says I was kicked out by the shadowclan and must kill them for power🦁
Sniff protecting you was a big mistake :seriously:
why would nat if she was mafia go for al

wait nat why did you go for al again? He did claim survivor right?

I did cause if he wasnt scum i wouldnt kill him and it would confirm him being townie.
al sama was a survivor, but he was helping town and he is one of the most experienced players


did I?
so there is denifitely no second mafia here
Sniff yeah I think you posted it here.

guys the alive players list name is "4 clans cats"
we already have cats from riverclan thundercln windclan and shadowclan (according to tac)
so there is probably no bloodclan
the starclan is like the heaven btw and iirc drago suggested the dead chat would be an important game mechanic in the sign up thread

Trying to confuse us with the possibility of 2 mafia factions? :seriously:
But you were wrong.

Because you might be scum Queen.

I am the kitty that gets to talk to Marimo. Before he was killed we were discussing possible suses and who would kill us and he said Nat. I am not feeling the usual Nat at all.

Vote lynch Natalija
? Queen was defending beta, who is now confirmed town leader. Scum wouldnt do that.
Light was talking to marimo and marimo got killed.
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Sell you? You're the scum :lusalty:

I don't want to save myself at all, I will die either way, I just DO NOT WANT YOU TO WIN.
dont you worry, if you get lynched and arent scum TaC is gone tonight.
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