Questions & Mysteries What happaned if Garde Little Brogy and Dorry was Kaido and Big Mom?

LMAO like Crydo and Meme can survive in Little Garden for 1/3 of their lifetime:nicagesmile:

And yes Meme's kids feared for her when exsplosives were in picture she lose to Mr. 3, he the close advisor of Buggy-sama after all, he smarter than the Yonko:usosmug:
This is perhaps the lowest case of baiting I have ever read on this forum. Mr 3 would have been too scarred shitless to try anything against any top tier.
Big mom and Kaido clashes would no doubt be charged with CoC. He would faint every damn time the two clashed if he's Lucky. If he's unlucky the impact of their clashes would knock him outta the island and into the ocean.
If they were Kaido and BM the side effects if the battle would have wiped the SH and Croco boys, if not then mr.3 would have tried to escape asap despite everything, for sure he wouldn't have want to go near those 2 when even a yc2 like Queen is of the same idea.
Big Mom and Luffy's clash sent one of Big Mom's ministers flying , BM and Kaido's clash would knock out Mr 3 from the impact
Big mom's attack was way stronger and was done with one hand, quit the trolling.
You quit trolling! We never saw legendry giants at their prime.
Dory and Broggy are clearly at poor condition and the "legendry gaints" Meme beat as a child were 345 years old (115 years old in human years)
How may top tier we saw are even 80 and kept their strengh?
You Memetard fanboy explain me pls why even idiot Luffy compare Meme attack to the giants (Dory and Broggy)?
Stop trolling fanboy:sanmoji: