What series are you watching ?

This was hands down one of my favourite moments out of all 4 seasons:

Xyrillians are a very peculiar species.
😂 Tucker getting pregnant was definitely one of the weirdest and unique moments. My favourite episode so far is definitely "Dead stop" the one where they go to this repair dock that is run by a computer.
Dude. I just finished Avatar: The Last Airbender 2days ago!
This series was so good! I'm planning to watch The Legend of Korra soon.
Yes ikr , this series is amazing!
I'm a huge fan since over 10 years.

Korra is a bit different tho , as in darker and more mature but you might still like it.
I have rediscovered Wakfu last month , really an amazing animated series with a very rich universe, many fun and cool characters, some amazing villains (Nox in particular), beautiful music, lots of humor and yet some really mature aspects, etc...
Started Mr Robot today, was expecting MC to be cyborg, a Hacker was a surprise. The monologue voice has pain in it keeps hinting me of Max Payne.

Not sure i can continue the series complete, when or if i stop i am takin long break from these TV Series.